Mobile recruiting is where the work is and it is where the best candidates for positions are, too. A few decades ago, the only step companies had to take to bring people in the door was to hang a “Help Wanted” sign on the door and wait for the applications to come in. Today, recruiters and HR professionals are turning to a variety of mobile recruiting methods to find the quality candidates they desire.

Top Picks in Mobile Recruiting Tools

No matter if you are an HR professional or the candidate looking for a job, it helps to know where the hiring is happening. The following are some of the best recruiting mobile apps and resources for you to use.

  • Social media sites like LinkedIn and Twitter are some of the best locations for reaching the best candidates. The benefits of these sites include the real-time access. They are easy to use for aspects such as full job advertisements or just posting a link for more information. Companies can even set up their website to contain a widget to allow candidates to apply online through the LinkedIn site.
  • How about video interviewing? To make it easy for you to screen and even interview candidates remotely, use HireVue. Using facetime through smart phones, it is easy for you to get more interviews done at any location. It is also easy for individuals located in different time zones easily to connect.
  • Job posting remains a popular tool and sites like Careerbuilder, Indeed and Monster continue to make it very easy to do from an HR prospective. Mobile app versions of these sites allow for recruiters to access accounts virtually anywhere. Searching for candidates by resume contents is even easy to do.
  • Consider assignment descriptions through sites like JobSpeek. This free mobile application is unique in that it provides the best dimensional presentations normally found in an advertisement platform alongside a mobile device. Use it to add pictures or to record a short message to bring in candidates to your position.
  • For those who wish to reach passive candidates, consider the use of beamME. This mobile tool promotes networking and can provide better access to higher quality candidates. You will send a virtual business card that includes all of your social media data and contact information.

Technology and mobile apps may be one of the best resources for individuals who want to hire better quality candidates. Do not avoid using these tools when they are so poised to help you.


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