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The HR Writer Talks About the Future of HR Community Building

This week, The HR Writer (aka. Tess C. Taylor) would like to take a moment to become better acquainted with all her readers.

First and foremost, Tess is dedicated to two things:

  1. Writing the best informational content on human resource and recruitment topics available, covering a wide gamut of HR relevant news and updates.
  2. Promoting the value of human resource professionals everywhere as the thought leaders of their organizations.

As an HR professional going on 15-years, as well as a seasoned HR writer, Tess has been actively involved in the development of ideas and improvements within this ever-changing field of business – across multiple industries. Her articles are geared towards empowering others to focus on the positive aspects of personnel management, while making complex HR and employment topics easier to comprehend.

What the Future Holds for The HR Writer

A “dream blog” that Tess would love to develop in the future includes a space where human resources professionals could gather to discuss important issues and find support for their efforts. One of the biggest hurdles that many new and mid-career level HR folks find is that this industry is rife with “gatekeepers” who can make it challenging to find mentors and career opportunities.

Connecting HR Professionals Online

This should not be the case, especially for professionals who make people their utmost priority. The new blog would encourage communication and collaboration among all levels of HR professionals, including opportunities for career advancement, links to helpful HR resources, information transfer from one generation to the next, and mentoring arrangements. Obviously, weekly posts would include ways for HR people to work together not only with each other, but with the company executives who often don’t understand their value and purpose.

Social Media in HR Blogging

Integrating social media is a critical aspect of any new blog, therefore all posts would auto-publish to a branded Facebook and Twitter page. A blog kick-off would start with an event scheduled through Facebook, with invitations going out to a large number of HR peers to a no-cost informational webinar with Twitter discussion encouraged. Realistically, there would be many good ways to market this blog through popular HR websites and industry associations, like SHRM and HCI (which happen to be my favorite places to find HR information). In the future there may be opportunities to backlink through article submissions to popular HR magazines and newsletters online.

As you review the many human resources blog posts here, take the time to also review the recent webinar Tess conducted on the 10 Best Practices for Using Social Media in HR to discover ways in which you can utilize social networks to share ideas as an HR professional – and build your community.




Tess Taylor

Tess Taylor is the Founder and CEO of HR Knows

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