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Candidate Corner: The Post Recession Job Search – How It’s Different Now

More competition, higher qualifications and a decrease in the overall availability of jobs has led to a significant change in the post recession job market. The job search for candidates needs to be different, too.

The changes in the interviewing and sourcing methods used by employers to recruit candidates for positions have dramatically affected the way candidates apply for and obtain jobs. Many of these changes are likely to remain for the future, too. As a candidate, you need to know how the market is different so you can react in the proper methods.

More Competition for the Candidate

One of the biggest differences is the rising number of qualified candidates for the jobs available. More jobs are becoming available, but there is still a backlog of employees looking for those positions. You will have to prove you have better experience, dedication or skills than the numerous others applying for the position. Standing out from the crowd is harder than ever especially since your competition is likely just as qualified for the position as you are.

Social Media Is a Game Changer

Recruiting employees happens more through social media than through traditional paper applications and online job boards. Having a social media presence as a candidate is a critical factor. It should be a part of your professional portfolio. It shows your skills and helps to provide information at a moment’s notice to HR professionals. Networking with social media is just as important. With a social media presence, this is easier to do.

Transferable Career Skills

Focus on sharing and promotion skills that are transferable. In other words, having a very specific set of skills is going to make finding and interviewing for a position much more difficult. Instead, it is a better idea to focus on skills that pertain to a larger set of jobs. Recruiters can better see how your skills fit within their business.

Customized Resumes – Not Templates

It is also important to customize cover letters and resumes since those generic form letters no longer work. The goal is to stand out and to do this, you need to ensure every position you apply for has a unique set of correspondence created for it.

Post recession, candidates need to compete heavily to obtain the jobs they desire. To do this, it becomes very important to focus on standing out.


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