It can be a really difficult task to manage people especially when the people in question are a group of diverse and conflicting personalities. It doesn’t have to be so difficult particularly towards achieving a set goal. Below are a few tips which can be very helpful to people who wish to or are already managing a group of divers and conflicting personalities.

Determine Personality Types of Employees

You have to successfully determine the type of personality each of the people involved have. This is the first thing to do. Know the members of staff that are feeler and the ones that are thinkers. A feeling employee will make decisions based on relationships while a thinking employee will make decisions based on logic. The most efficient way to establish which group an employee falls into is to watch and observe them closely, especially when they another person disagrees with them.

Set the Bar High for Expectations

The next thing to do is to set a high bar for employees. Some employees get bored or unmotivated when the bar is set low. When the bar is high, you tend to get the best out of all workers, including those that don’t enjoy being bossed. As a boss, do what you can to get the best out of your subordinates.

Do Not Take Things Personally

Under no circumstance should you take things personal in the office. It is true that your task as a team leader is difficult enough, particularly when all blames come back to you. We know of several instances when employees will not like the style of leadership being used by their manager. Try not to take this personal. Rather, understand each of them and give them time to adapt. In the end, it will all come together for good.

Understand what is Important to Them

Try to know what each of them holds in high esteem. If all fails, this wouldn’t. Discover what they love both at work and off work. Some like their space, some like freedom of expression when working, some want flexible schedules and most want their bosses to trust them to accomplish the task assigned to them without being monitored. Each employee will want something different and the moment you are able to master this, it becomes easier to manage them, even with their distinct personalities.

Even for the most experienced managers, it is still difficult to manage a team of diverse and conflicting personalities. Patiently learn a thing or two about your employees, their wants and how their previous managers managed them. When this is done managing them becomes a whole lot easier.

Tess Taylor

Tess Taylor is the Founder and CEO of HR Knows

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