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Your employees work hard every day – so don’t they deserve some recognition? When it comes to creating a more engaged workforce, nothing compares to a well-managed incentive and bonus program for employees. Whether your team is small or you have a large number of company divisions spread out across the globe, employees who have something to look forward to will work harder to achieve more for your organization. This improves your bottom line.

Employee Incentives for Maximum Productivity

This time of year can be the perfect time to take a closer look at your employee incentive plan and add some new perks to help maintain a high performance work environment. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Gift Programs for Employees – A nice way to say “thanks” to your employees anytime is by handing out gift cards and a personal note of gratitude often. Take the time to educate your executive team on the importance of regular recognition of employee achievements by giving them access to group discounts on gift cards and points gift programs.
  2. Corporate Wellness Program – One low cost way of giving back to employees and improving their health at the same time is through a corporate wellness program. When employees have access to wellness and spa services and support, they are more likely to participate. Employers who invest in wellness programs also help to reduce the cost of their health insurance premiums by as much as $3 for every dollar spent on wellness.
  3. Certificates of Achievement – Employees beam when they receive praise from their supervisors, and especially in front of peers. Make a big deal out of achievements at work and provide printed certificates of achievement along with a photo of the employee to be displayed in their work area. Highlight these achievements at staff meetings and hand them out so that all can see how hard each employee has worked to earn this recognition.
  4. Educational Support – Oftentimes, employees are trying to grow in their careers, therefore having access to corporate educational support can become a major perk. Offer on-site classes to earn industry certifications. Provide a generous tuition reimbursement program for those who wish to earn college degrees. Make it known that this is part of your overall benefits package and encourage employees to achieve their educational dreams.
  5. Free Beverages and Snacks – When employees have the nutrition they need to get through each day, they tend to be more productive. Give your employees access to healthy snacks and beverage choices, offered free as part of your wellness program. Ideas may include breakfast muffins from a local bakery, or vegetables offered mid-day.
  6. Employer-Sponsored Benefits – The rising costs of health care benefits is on the minds of many employees today. You can offset these costs by offering supplemental benefits to your employees such as cancer care, vision and dental benefits, and hospital indemnity plans for employees and their families. 
  7. 7. Flexible Schedules – Every employee is looking for a way to get work-life balance.    Having the option to work a more flexible schedule can help make this a reality. Offer employees the choice of one day a week to work from home whenever possible, or be more lenient to when employees can arrive or go home during the week so they can be more productive. 
  8. Company Discounts – Your company is likely to have affiliations with leading retailers and community services that can offer corporate discounts. Why not pass those discounts along to your employees too? Create a list of company discounts and encourage employees to use this as a way to save money while supporting your vendors.
  9. Celebrations and Birthdays – Every employee deserves some special treatment on their birthday. Therefore, have your company send out birthday flowers to recognize their day. Once a month, have a celebration to let your employees know how much you appreciate their hard work and efforts.
  10. Updated Breakroom – It’s a great incentive for employees to have a comfortable area where they can enjoy some downtime at lunch or after a tough meeting. Set up an improved break area that includes soft seating options, a flat screen television, calming lighting, and games for blowing off steam.

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Tess Taylor

Tess Taylor is the Founder and CEO of HR Knows

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