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Why Hiring an HR Writer Makes Good Business Sense

Do you have a corporate blog, report, case study, or employee manual that needs to be written? If you are the HR manager, unfortunately the responsibility for writing materials like this generally falls on your shoulders. Oftentimes, hiring an HR writer makes better sense.

Writing a professional HR document can be a daunting task, especially for a department that is already short on time and often lacking the experience or resources. Once an HR article or print document is published and distributed, you may worry that it’s incomplete or that an important HR law or topic has been incorrectly presented. Even the most experienced HR professionals can omit something important – a mistake that can be costly because a document is considered to be a written contract with employees.

If you are facing a task like this, and you are not 100 percent confident that you can handle it on your own, this is when hiring a seasoned HR writer is a better option, from a business standpoint.

Outside of the obvious benefits of saving time and money, here are some reasons to partner with an human resources writer.

Human Resource Topic Experts– Writers in the HR niche are generally coming from a background in HR work because this is not a field that your ordinary freelance writer will attempt to tackle. Because HR is such a complex industry, those who write great copy primarily in HR will likely come from several years of experience as HR generalists, managers, recruiters and administrators. Ask your HR writer about her experience, and gather samples of written work up front, to determine areas of expertise.

Current on HR Laws and News – To be able to effectively write in the HR field, an HR writer will need to stay on top of multiple changes in HR laws and topics that affect this industry. This means you will be getting the help of a topical expert who understands that your documents need to be as current as possible in order to give your organization the most value. Choose HR writers who are knowledgeable about a wide range of HR subjects.

Liability for HR Documentation – If you hire an HR writer to create the copy for your HR documents, you can reduce your company liability for leaving important clauses and statements out. Additionally, you will be able to have your in-house documents reviewed by the HR writer to make sure things are worded correctly. Consider how important your employee manual or press releases are, and you will understand why hiring an expert HT writer is a best practice.

Support for All Content Needs – When you work with your HR writer, you will want to provide a great deal of information about your company, so that your writer becomes an integral part of the team. As you work on projects together from website and blog content to HR documents, you will have access to another HR professional to handle these tasks on a routine basis. Your human resource writer will provide versatile support for all your content needs.

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