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Organization Ideas for Human Resources Professionals

Being an HR professional means juggling multiple people, places, and things all at once. This can oftentimes equate to a sense of being overwhelmed and pulled in too many different directions.

It’s not surprising then that many human resource representatives find it difficult, if not impossible to stay organized. Yet, this is the key to successful management of staff and business objectives.

How can you stay organized as an HR pro? Read on for some great tools that will help keep your duties in check.

Online Lists

No one does a list better than an HR professional, due to the multiple tasks and projects that are being handled on a daily basis. Therefore, having access to a well-organized list system makes for more efficiency. If you are tired of the paper lists that are cluttering your office desk, try an online list product instead that can be accessed from any mobile device. A great one to try is Nirvana, which offers a free, and low cost monthly option for a web based and mobile app.


To stay organized enough to complete tasks and stay ahead of important dates, a robust calendar system is vital for the HR person. While a standard Outlook calendar may be enough, some HR practitioners are turning to Google calendars to set up individual project calendars that allow teams to collaborate more freely. This can be a good way to manage a paid time off schedule, for example.

File Storage

HR pros generate a lot of employment related paperwork and other sensitive files. Therefore, they need a good place to store them securely, without taking the risk of data being stolen. Thankfully, Cloud computing has made it possible to store data locked away by an encrypted online version of the filing cabinet. Get free accounts from Microsoft or Mozy, to name a few.


You cannot be an organized HR professional without a robust payroll accounting system. Gone are the days of paper checks as more states require secure digital handling of payroll data. Go with a reputable payroll product like Patriot Software for peace of mind and ease of use. Get a FREE trial by clicking on the advertisement on the right hand side of this site.

Tess Taylor

Tess Taylor is the Founder and CEO of HR Knows

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