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HR Certification – A Component of Successful Human Resource Career Building

Earning HR certification status can improve your career. College students or even those working in HR for years will benefit from obtaining this level of certification. The field is dynamic, challenging and  ever-changing. Individuals who obtain the latest education and continue to maintain a knowledge base in this field will do better overall. It’s critical to maintain education and training in areas such as personnel policies, employment laws and management styles.

The HR Career Is Different

One of the reasons for this need for certification is just how much the job has changed. It used to be that professionals in the HR department managed just payroll. Now, many work hand-in-hand with supervisors and top-level management to make decisions within the organization. In order to compete in this new world, individuals need to consider obtaining their education from recognized programs, such as the Human Resources Certification Institute.  When you do, you can show current or future businesses your value in this field.

HR Jobs Are in Demand

According to reports by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, careers in Human Resources will grow by 21 percent by 2020. Those in this field will earn, on average, $108,600 annually as an HR manager. Other reports indicate the importance of this career field as well. US News listed this career in the Top 25 Best Jobs in a special 2012 report. It was also a part of the 10 Best Jobs of 2012 according to CareerCast. This shows just how important this field is, and will continue to be. It also shows just how much competition will remain present in this field in the years to come as well.

Why Get HR Certification?

HR certification is an investment in your career. It provides outstanding resources to individuals who wish to compete in this field. It provides support from instructors and learning tools that allow individuals to compete. You will study with peers and learn a great deal more about the field. With a certification under your belt, you will better be a role player in the decisions your business makes. The sooner you take the step to obtain certification, the sooner you will excel in this field.


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Tess Taylor

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