Today’s human resource professional manages the company’s most important asset – the employees. As a result, this asset needs to be managed like any other. It is essential to handle tasks like employee training, bringing in new hires, minimizing employee costs, and even dealing with termination.

These aspects are all just one part of the human resource department’s set of responsibilities, though. By having a human resource management plan laid out for the coming year, the process is simplified and the job of managing people is more efficient. Here are some factors to consider as you develop your HR management plan for 2013.

Evaluate the Business

The first step in developing a workable HR management plan is to evaluate where the company is over the course of each business cycle. For example, this plan needs to provide for a company’s needs no matter if it is expanding, outsourcing, or making cutbacks. Knowing where the company is going is critical.

Determine What Skills Are Necessary

The plan needs to address what types of key skills and talents individuals need to have to meet those objectives. Once the skills are defined, the next step is to determine if the staff currently in place has the necessary skills, who needs training and if hiring additional people is necessary.

Communication Is Vital

The next important part of a human resource plan is the communication factor. The company’s values, objectives, and expectations need to be communicated to employees. Then, the human resource department needs to communicate with the executives from the company to discuss how objectives are being met. At the same time, those executive’s need to funnel back good communication about how well the human resource department is doing.

Evaluating the HR Management Plan

The next important step is to evaluate the human resource management plan as it stands. This may be done through employee surveys to find out how well their everyday experience is. It is also possible to review and adapt to changes occurring within the company so there is a constant focus on improvement.

The Face of Humanity

The last element of the plan is for the human resource team to be the face of humanity in the company. Planning company events, handling recognition programs and making improvements to the benefits package are all ways that this department contributes to the process. Every step ensures the company’s best assets are managed.

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Tess Taylor

Tess Taylor is the Founder and CEO of HR Knows

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