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5 Favorite Human Resource Apps for Social Recruiting

Recruiters today are challenged to find the best candidates for companies using social networks. However, using social searches for recruiting is time consuming and there can be multiple networks to manage. To streamline this process, technology gurus have designed some awesome social recruiting apps that make this task more productive.

Here is a rundown of what The HR Writer thinks are some of the best HR apps for social recruiting out there today.


When it comes to getting the most of social recruiting efforts, JobVite makes the top of my list of favorites because it is one of a few candidate management systems that also offers full analytical data of candidate behavior. Use JobVite to post and broadcast new assignments out to other social networks, connect and interview candidates on the go, and automate the entire process.


Of course, I could not talk about social recruiting apps without mentioning LinkedIn recruitment tools. LinkedIn is the most popular social job searching platform, with millions of passive and active candidates looking for that next great opportunity. Using the recruitment tools, a recruiter can seamlessly post jobs and accept applications with their handy app, then connect and learn more about each candidate by reviewing their professional profiles.


Imagine being able to recruit and interview candidates live using one simple app? With HireVue, you can do just this! Screening candidates is simplified with a pre-interview questionnaire delivered through HireVue’s mobile app, then each video interview can be recorded and viewed at a later date. This is invaluable if you are trying to get preferred candidates in front of your best clients.


While still presently in the beta stage (as of this article), Employyd is promising to be one of the better social recruiting apps available. Hiring managers have the option to post free job ads and share to the social media networks on a branded career page, then track applicants. Candidates can also post video resumes online, that recruiters can review.

Talking CV

This smart social recruiting platform allows both candidates and recruiters to post a professional video, audio and text introduction. Candidates can use this app in lieu of a boring paper resume or CV, to attract the best hiring companies. This can be a great way for recruiters to break the ice with passive candidates before trying to approach them for a great new assignment, and to shop their candidates around with a recorded video.

While there are a great number of social media recruiting applications in development and working well for professional hiring managers, these are just a few you should check out.

Note – These are NOT paid endorsements and The HR Writer is not affiliated with any of the above companies or products in any way. This is purely an objective review.

Tess Taylor

Tess Taylor is the Founder and CEO of HR Knows

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