This should be common sense, but there are certain things employees want from their employer most the time that can elude even the best of HR teams. And it doesn’t matter which industry we speak of or how long the employees have been working at a company. Every single employee wants to be treated fairly and given the same opportunities for advancement as others around them.

If you are not sure where to start, here are some guidelines for maintaining a solid workforce by giving all your employees what they want.

Fair Compensation

When we speak of fair compensation, we do not just mean the money in their paycheck. Employees want to receive strong health coverage and other benefits that are in-line with industry standards. As a company, you should check the industry standards annually and adjust what you offer to meet those standards in order to keep your employees happy.

Work That is Rewarding

Employees want to come to work each day and know they are performing work that is rewarding. They do not want to perform menial tasks. Some employees might be bored because they do not have enough challenging work and other might be overwhelmed because too much work is piled on top of them. When you allocate work according to skill sets, your employees will be happy.

Gratitute for a Job Well Done

Whether or not an employee goes above and beyond on a project, always be sure to thank them for their hard work and dedication to the company. When you show appreciation to your employees on a regular basis you will be surprised at how well they respond.

Respect is Tantamount

Companies can lose some of the most talented employees if they do not respect them. When you show an employee respect, he or she will be loyal to the company and tend to stick around for awhile.

A Need for Work-Life Balance

All employees, no matter what level they work at, want some sort of balance between their job and their personal life. When you provide your employees with flexible paid time off and flexible work schedules, they will be happier. This allows them to experience their personal lives without having to spend too much extra time at the office.

Provide a Nice Environment

When a company provides a nice work environment to its employees, then they will likely stick around for the long haul. This includes having an aesthetically pleasing office, comfortable chairs, strong lighting, and areas where they can relax while on break or eating their lunch. This also includes offering days where the dress code is relaxed and the technology is the latest all over the office.

Support with Wellness

Employees want to know that their employer is concerned with their health and wellness. This entails offering a strong healthcare program or even offering wellness options on your property. Some companies have a gym on their campus or offer their employees free membership to gyms if they attend a specific amount of days per month.

Celebrations are Always Fun

Employees love to be thanked for a job well done, but having fun meetings and other celebratory events can be a major benefit for your employees. An excellent idea is to offer an after-hours event or party. This event can include free drinks, meals and other perks for your employees.

Training and Education

Employees love to continue their education and learn new skills while on the job. They want an employer who is dedicated to their improvement. This can include offering training courses on-site, off-site or even online courses to improve skills. When employees have the opportunity to earn new certifications they will only help to improve the success of the company.

Consistently Strong Leadership

For the most part, employees tend to leave bad managers, not bad jobs. This means that your company must do whatever it takes to make sure its management team is not pushing employees out the door. Train your managers on the best retention techniques and communication techniques so they keep employees at the company.

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Tess Taylor

Tess Taylor is the Founder and CEO of HR Knows

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