Even though it might look like your employees are arriving to the workplace smiling and happily completing their work, things don’t always look like they may seem on the outside. Your “best” employees could actually be your worst nightmare.

For example, CBS network published a story not too long ago that revealed a state worker who was stealing company time by posting more than 5,000 comments to a newspaper’s website during the span of one year. That amounts to more than 25 posts per day by this single individual. While his manager just believed he was busy typing on his work project he was instead posting negative remarks for all the world to see. This was both an HR and PR disaster by any account.

How can you tell if your employees are engaged at work or not?

Are your employees as engaged as you think they are? Can you tell how much they are committed to the success of the company by simply interacting with them? Employees who are committed to their place of employment will exhibit clear signs of engagement in their efforts at the office.

Close to 13 percent of workers are engaged in their jobs at any given time, according to a Gallup Poll. That leaves another 87 percent doing other things – like what?

All you need to do is take a look at social media and see if employees are actually engaged at work. Many people access social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter while at work, sometimes complaining about co-workers, supervisors and the company as a whole. They use social networks and online forums to vent about their work experience, whether good or bad. Others who might not be engaged could be looking for a new job on your company’s dime.

What are some of the signs of engaged employees?

Below, read what experts believe are the ways that employees display engagement in the workplace. Consider if your employees are actively demonstrating these factors or not.

They are On-Time and Happy

One of the biggest signs of employee engagement is that he or she is on-time for work and happy while in the office. This sign is especially evident when the employee shows up early for work on a routine basis. Employees who routinely come to work late, have a poor attitude and seem to be unhappy with work will not be engaged.

They Embrace New Challenges

Committed and engaged employees exhibit the willingness to take on new challenges at the office. These employees are usually viewed as leaders and will do whatever it takes to prove their worth to the company. Browse your payroll for employees who always look for more challenging projects and want to take on more responsibilities. These will be the most committed employees at your organization.

They Get Along with Their Co-Workers

Employees who are committed to their employer find it very easy to get along with their co-workers and the company’s clients. These employees know what it takes to be part of a team and have no qualms with working with others, including clients. Committed employees will go above and beyond to please clients and make their co-workers happy.

They Have Spoken About Career Goals

Committed employees have most likely discussed their career goals with their co-workers and management and these goals typically line up with the objectives of the company. These employees will also discuss their career goals during annual performance reviews. This is how you know they are truly committed.

They Cheer On Their Co-Workers

Employees who are committed to their employer and engaged in their careers will often cheer on their co-workers for a job well done. Peer recognition comes natural to them. A committed employee will go out of his or her way to say nice things about the company and even help recruit top talent for open jobs. This makes your life easier during recruitment campaigns.

Should your employees not exhibit most or any of these signs, it is likely that you are dealing with disengaged workers who are not committed to your company.

What to do about poor employee engagement

Maybe your culture needs a boost or you need to bring in some fresh employees to take things up a notch. Some turnover can be good at this point if if means losing some of the “dead weight” that is causing discord in your business. You could just need to get to the root of what’s bugging your employees and find ways to recognize, encourage, and inspire them again. Whatever the case may be, take action now before you end up with too many unhappy employees who will bring your business down.

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Tess Taylor

Tess Taylor is the Founder and CEO of HR Knows

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