Each month, the HR Writer takes time out to call attention to what are the finest articles on HR related topics and news. These articles represent the leading minds in human resources, as well as the virtual “pulse” of what’s developing in the HR industry as a whole.

While there are many many other fine HR articles and content published every day, these are the posts that stood out as significant to the reading audience at HR Writer. Feel free to browse through them and gleam from their wisdom what you can.

The Top June 2012 HR Posts

New Study: HR Departments Completely Out of Touch  by Kevin Kruse, Contributor at Forbes Magazine, and Author of Employee Engagement 2.0 was a wake-up call for all Human Resources professionals. His article digs deeper into a Konexa survey that revealed some surprising information about the perception of employee engagement from both the HR and employee side, with a killer info-graphic.

NLRB Takes Sledgehammer to Social Media Policies by Allen Smith at Society for Human Resources Management brings to light the various legal arguments that have been presented regarding social media policies and the right to privacy in the workplace. There is an excellent set of guidelines included for setting up your own corporate social media policy – a great resource!

Common recordkeeping violations as featured on MyTimeForce is a valuable resource for any HR practioner in terms of handling sensitive employee records. It gave advice on providing payroll documentation following Department of Labor standards – so be sure to give it a read to make sure you are in compliance.

Employee Investigations: Commonly Asked Questions found over at HR.BLR.com is another valuable resource, providing guidelines of what to do if you are tasked with conducting an employee investigation for any number of potential complaints. It’s critical that you handle this in a legal and ethical manner, so read up and learn what to do in this scenario.

The 4 most coveted summer benefits  by Christian Schappel Contributor at HRMorning.com is perfect timing for many companies who are trying to attract their seasonal summer hires this year. Featuring a study that reveals some great incentives for summer hires, this article is a great guide for your summer recruiting strategy.

Employer Liability Varies When Workers Using Cell Phones Cause Vehicle Crashes by Rhonda Smith, Contributor at Bloomberg News details what HR departments need to know about employee mobile device use and employer responsibility. Read this and make it a part of your employee cell phone use policy.

Survey Shows High School Graduates Hit Hard by the Recession, Ill-Equipped for Success in the Workplace published on the HR Policy Association website gave a startling review of how young people are struggling to find adequate employment, even as the nation recovers. This one is close to home for me, as my own 21-year old son has had a major challenge finding work over the last couple of years. We can only hope that this will change for the better going into the end of this year.

Most Employers Plan to Continue Offering Health Care Coverage by Jerry Geisel, Contributor at Workforce Magazine, focused on Healthcare Reform and its effect on the benefits management of many companies. A survey highlighted in this article reveals that despite the challenges of offering benefits to all employees, a vast majority plan to do so in employee retention efforts.

 I hope you have enjoyed these articles and they can support your efforts as an HR professional. Come back again for great human resources news and content!  – Tess



Tess Taylor

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