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Stuck For Team Building Ideas? Try A Themed Event!

Themed events are a great way for companies and businesses to build and maintain relationships with their employees. Working together and having fun is great for team morale and when staff are happy they are more productive and positive about their role.

Holding a themed event is a great way in which you can encourage staff to work together towards a common goal and have a lot of fun in the process. A fun themed event says thank you to your workforce and shows that you respect your team members and are grateful for their efforts.

Here are a few ideas which might help you gain a better understanding and also give you some ideas about the type of themes available.

It’s A Knockout!

Based on the original TV series, this is a real fun way to motivate staff and have fun with the silly and often wacky challenges. Big laughs are sure to boost morale and improve communication in the workplace.

James Bond

Another popular one and a chance to dress up in your best black tie and slip into some sophistication! Guests can enjoy cocktails with Miss Moneypenny or try their hand at the Gangster Run Casino. After all that living the high life, it is time to chill out over a drink or party the night away on the dance floor.

Relive the 1920’s

Step back in time to enjoy a touch of razzle dazzle at one of these 1920’s and 1930’s themed events. With drama, excitement and a live three piece Jazz band to enjoy over dinner, this one is the perfect way for guests to enjoy themselves with their very own Great Gatsby!

1970’s and 80’s

Similar to the above but obviously a few decades on, dependent on the age of your employees will help you decide which would be more suitable. Dress up as your favourite 80’s pop star and strut your stuff or maybe kick bike and take it easy with a 1970’s get up, the choice is yours and it is a fun way for all involved to have a laugh and not take things too seriously.

A Medieval Banquet

Gather all your Lords and Ladies to enjoy a night of feasting and royal entertainment! The King and Queen will be selected, the Baron will announce the forthcoming battle and guests can enjoy a night of live entertainment. A three course traditional meal is provided and as the wine starts to flow, court Jesters will entertain you between courses.

Team Building Events

Of course besides all these fun themed events you can also look at events which are aimed at getting your employees to have fun with the emphasis on working as a team to win. Here are a few ideas:


Two teams battle against each other to capture the other ones camp and flag. Armed with a state of the art paintball gun and full safety gear, each team must work out a strategy and play to win!


If you fancy something a little more unusual, then give these weird looking machines a go! These battery powered balancing machines are fun and capable of up top 12.5mph.

Have you ever been to a themed event as part of a team building away day? Have we missed the best kind of themed event out? Share your team building experiences with us below.

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Guest Author: Nat Slater blogs for specialist events company ATM Events on a variety of topics. Her favourite team building events include the secret agent events and casino themed events.

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