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Human Resources: Is Google Helpouts a New Option for Contract Workers?

Google released the Helpouts program in November 2013. It features live video advice from experts in a variety of categories, from cooking to construction. At the moment, only select companies have been invited to participate in the marketplace, but opportunities for others may arise. This type of service could be a new option for contract workers in the future, especially in the human resources field.

Advice on Offering Services on Google Helpouts

Before attempting to become part of a program offering live advice, consider what specific services you will offer. You might choose to help businesses with HR complaints as they arise, or you could specialize in local laws and statutes that cover employee relationships. You may even offer training. Contract workers can instantly be contacted via video to show the correct way to fulfill duties or assist in any discrepancies that may arise when implementing new procedures or policies.

Consulting Services on the Rise

As the Human Resources Consulting Procurement Research Report states, HR consulting services are expected to slowly get more expensive. With Google’s live video tutorial services, participants set their own fees for consumers. Some offer by the session and others, by the minute. Google anticipates that some experts will offer their services for free, counting on the exposure and word-of-mouth advertising they’ll receive in return. Contract workers have to consider all the individual benefits of the program that pertain to them before settling on a price. Even though it is a step up from consulting an HR professional via email or phone, you will still not be physically there to offer hands-on assistance, so adjust your prices accordingly.

What the Future Holds for HR Outsourcing

Future growth opportunities for contract workers in the program include being able to offer an instant video consultation for emergencies with consumers as well as schedule appointments for video chats. It is important to read the terms and conditions, such as the session automatically being free if you are more than five minutes late for an appointment or if a consumer is unable to connect to a video conference if you are listed as available at the time.

Contract workers in the human resources field need to explore all of the pros and cons of Google Helpouts before accepting an invitation to join the marketplace. It definitely has the possibility of adding extra revenue to your pocket, as well as additional, potentially worldwide, exposure for your company.

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