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2493066577_d1006bcec3At HR Writer, we love sharing everything there is to know about human resources, recruitment, careers, and technology around these markets. But, it’s impossible for any one team of writers to tap into the collective expertise of thousands of professionals out there who are working in the trenches and experiencing the impact of new HR policies and techniques. Therefore, we are actively seeking new guest bloggers to share their knowledge with our readers!

Our guest blogger guidelines are pretty straightforward, please review here:

You have two options for getting published on The HR Writer:

#1 – Non-paid Guest Posts: You may include ONE link to your personal website OR social media account in your short byline. (No outside affiliate earning links or third-party company links are approved) You may also link back to The HR Writer and promote on your social media networks all you wish!

#2 – Sponsored Guest Posts: You may include up to THREE links to your website or the company you are promoting, and up to TWO social media account links in your expanded byline. (No outside affiliate earning links are approved) You can also include ONE coupon code or special offer in this content, including an image. You may also link back to The HR Writer and promote on your social media networks all you wish! Sponsored guest blog posts are $75 each and you may secure your publishing date via a non-refundable PayPal payment in advance, along with a pitch of your article.

Blog Format Requirements: All guest blog posts must be at least 350-450 words in length, 100 percent original for Google SEO compliance, (We run them through Copyscape) and written in native English, spelling and grammatically correct. We do not accept posts that may be potentially offensive to our readers. We also like at least one full-rights image (please provide a file in JPG format and cite a source if applicable).

We do not pay for guest blog posts, however you have the advantage of reaching a HUGE audience that includes over 9,500 unique visitors per month, and we have a growing number of high level advertisers and partners who are eager to read and share our content! If you would like to build a contributor profile and start establishing a portfolio of written work on HR Writer, this is definitely an option too.

Want to learn more? Send an email to [email protected] today with your idea and/or attached article! We look forward to hearing from you!

Tess Taylor

Tess Taylor is the Founder and CEO of HR Knows