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HR Tips – How to Announce Employee Resignations the Right Way

There will be times when it is necessary to announce employee resignations. When this does happen, it is critical for the HR professional or business owner to take the right steps to manage the process tactfully. You need to honor both the employee and the company. Various factors affect this – how they employee is leaving, what this means to the business’s organization and how it will affect other employees. With a few steps, it can be done with class and respectfully.

Plan Ahead for Future Resignations

Just as you would with onboarding new hires, a plan should be in place long before any talk occurs about resignations. This plan within the HR department should state how the process takes place. The plan should address the process for filling the open position after the resignation occurs. Having this plan helps ensure any negative attention is avoided and employee morale remains high.

Create a Corporate Resignation Policy

For employees at all levels, create a formal policy that outlines the process of corporate resignations. It should include:

  • How much time should the employee provide?
  • The form that the resignation should take (writing, verbal, etc.)?
  • Who should receive notification of the resignation?
  • Who is responsible for gathering knowledge and training a replacement?
  • How to manage exit interviews and what to do with this information?

Add this policy to the employee manual. This allows all employees to know what the process is and how to handle it so they can leave on good terms.

Announcing Employee Resignations

There are many reasons employees will resign. Some may find a better job. Many will move into retirement. Others may have a personal experience that is playing a role in their need to leave the position. Regardless of the reason, encourage the employee to notify an immediate supervisor who will then work with the HR department to handle the announcement of the registration. This reduces the impact it has on other employees and on clients.

An exit interview conducted by the HR team is often a good idea at this stage. It may be necessary to discuss any severance benefits the employee will take with them. Then, with respect, the HR department makes an announcement about the departure of the individual. This is a better way to manage an employee resignation than allowing the rumor mill to circulate misleading information.

Executive Level Resignations

Upper level management changes can put the entire company in limbo if done improperly. Announcing these resignations is likely to create more waves with employees loyal to those individuals. When possible, plan in advance for this change. If that is not possible, use dignity and a strategic setup plan to manage the transition process.

Above all else, ensure the employee leaving is treated with respect. The company should not announce personal life information unless the employee wishes it to be noted. Additionally, announce the change directly to the team members involved. The goal here is to maintain employees and to ensure everyone is on the same page about how the company will move forward.


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