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HR and Content Writers: The Perfect Partnership

It’s been said that the human resource department is the ‘face’ of the organization. Many times, HR pros are the only representatives of a company when other leaders are unwilling or unable to put themselves into public relationship positions.This is an opportunity for human resource pros to partner themselves with content writers who can skillfully create copy that highlights the value of the company.

Recruitment content always needs a skilled content writer

With the job market heating up and becoming highly competitive, even for general skills, human resource pros are often tasked with creating job descriptions and advertisements to recruit new employees. This is a time-consuming process and therefore job adverts often fall short of their intended purpose. Job boards require a good amount of information that can be difficult to organize in a meaningful way. A seasoned content writer with an HR or recruitment background can easily take this chore and create appealing content that gets results.

Maintaining a positive reputation as a company

Consider that there are millions of small businesses that have a single human resource manager trying to handle all the people processes at once. The owner of the company is likely to be on the road, working directly with clients and building additional sources of revenues to keep the company afloat. One day, an opportunity comes along for the company to receive some much-needed attention in the community. Unless there is a marketing team in place, most oftentimes this duty falls on the human resource department. Yet, the HR manager has zero time to put together a press release or draft a letter of interest. But a content writer has the ability to make this happen, efficiently and effectively.

Accurately speaking to the unique value of new products and offerings

Then there are the companies that are developing new tools and products that support human resource and recruitment initiatives. The development team is great at putting together new offerings, but terrible at conveying the unique value to prospects using language that speaks to the needs of human resource professionals. It all sounds like technical “nerdspeak” to the average HR person. How can a software firm or other human resource solutions company impress on HR how important their offer is, and how worthy it is? A skillful human resource content writer can craft copy that translates this value to the unique needs that HR has.

Employment law compliance

When it comes to compliance, whether drafting a new employee policy or procedure, making changes to an existing employee handbook, or creating new forms and datasheets for corporate updates — how can a human resource team be sure that all content is written to be legally compliant? A copy writer with a solid background and training in human resource and employment laws is the key to success. This reduces any potential risks.

Connecting marketing with human resources

Content writers have a way of bridging the gap between human resource leaders and other departments, such as marketing and sales. So much of what HR does today involves selling a positive corporate culture, either to candidates or clients. Yet, there is little to no support for HR to make this happen, and there are breakdowns between what the marketing team puts out there and what the HR team really wants to convey in words. We’ve seen the emergence of more transparency of policies, compensation, recruitment practices and more. Putting this all into words, whether in a form or a blog or a report, takes careful work. A content writer with human resource experience is a valuable partner to have.

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Tess Taylor

Tess Taylor is the Founder and CEO of HR Knows

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