As part of my duties as a Human Resources content writer for a software company, I have been developing a well-rounded HR content library. This massive library of information helps to educate thousands of employees around the nation on important topics. This week, I have been writing about “workplace productivity” topics, which are near and dear to my heart as an HR professional.

Which got me thinking….what do most people consider to be productive in the work environment? Is it merely the completion of tasks, or is it something higher – the achievement of one’s personal best?

This depends on the person, really. 

On the one hand is an employee who is only concerned with eeking out a living doing the minimum. He or she watches the time clock all day, hoping for a chance to sneak out for a smoke break or to go home. This is a person, who could be productive if there was a reason to be motivated and inspired. As an HR lady, I’ve observed associates like this in many workplaces. They are generally unhappy, unfulfilled, and counteractive to the organizational goals.

On the other hand is an associate who loves what he or she does for a living. Accepting new challenges is what this associate lives for. Collaboration, creative brainstorming, and getting things done well are the hallmarks of a truly satisfied employee. This fuels the desire to be better, work smarter, and achieve more.

Associates who are non-productive need one thing:  Incentive

Having something to look forward to can be the catalyst for improvement. An associate who believes in something and experiences reward will become much more productive.

I have observed the positive aspects of productivity from my colleagues and from subordinates. I often see them putting in some long hours in an effort of not only getting projects completed, but in putting out the very highest quality work possible. A team spirit brings out the very best in everyone in an organization. In fact, it helps others to find the incentive to be productive as well.

So, I ask you to think about your own work experience or that of your employees. Are you being as productive as you could be? If not, it’s time to ask yourself why and take steps to remedy this. Building incentives starts with the HR department.

 All the Best – Tess “The HR Writer”

Tess Taylor

Tess Taylor is the Founder and CEO of HR Knows

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