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If you’ve earned your HRCI credentials as an Human Resources professional, then you know that it’s important to keep your skills and knowledge fresh by regularly participating in learning activities to maintain your certification. In fact, if you hold a Professional in Human Resources (PHR) certification, like I do, then you already know you need 60 recertification credits per every 3 years in order to maintain it.

Ways to Maintain your HR Certification with Recertification Credits

Recently, I checked in to see how I was doing with this process and realized that I was getting a little slack in my efforts to earn recert credits. So, I decided to do some searching online to see what information and resources I could find to make sure to stay on track so I don’t have to take that challenging exam again!

Here’s what I found:

The Human Resources Certification Institute offers a few helpful tools to give you access to upcoming approved webinars, events and courses you can take advantage of. Just use their handy HRCI search tool to find something that suits your schedule and recertification needs. I found that there are literally hundreds of online courses and webinars I can attend (some of them for free) and earn up to 20 recertification credits this way!

Now if you are a fan of earning recertification credits for LOW COST then you will want to go on over to where you can choose from hundreds of no and low cost webinars from today’s leading HR vendors and experts and earn up to 20 recertification credits online. They also have a cool online membership and recertification program that helps you earn all your recert credits around your busy schedule.

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) also provides members with many opportunities to earn recertification credits through webcasts, seminars, live events and more. You can become a member today and start earning your recert credits in minutes. You also earn 9 credits in a three-year period just for being a professional member of SHRM. Being an active member of SHRM also puts you in touch with local chapters, and access to HR news, surveys, legal updates, and job listings so it’s well worth the investment.

Other Ways to Earn HRCI Recert Credits

Alternative paths to earning your recertification credits include publishing blog posts or journal articles in your area of HR expertise. For me, this is a breeze, but if you struggle to put thoughts to paper you can try collaborating on an article or a chapter of a book with a colleague. Consider partnering with a blog developer that has content related to your particular industry and start writing about important HR topics as a guest contributor from time to time. You could also do a live presentation or write a script for a video about an HR concept and produce it for 10 generous recertification credits!

For me, having the HR credential behind my name is important enough that I am getting back on track with earning all my recert credits in a strategic way over the next couple of years. I hope that you do as well.

– Tess, The HR Writer 

Tess Taylor

Tess Taylor is the Founder and CEO of HR Knows

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