Web Copywriting

Web Content Update

Thymometrics, a real-time employee engagement software firm, approached HR Knows with a complete overhaul of their website. HR Knows worked directly with the marketing and development team to craft new copy and the inclusion of a complete Press Kit, along with new blog posts, several special reports, and case studies to elevate their unique selling proposition in this competitive market. The company then went on to land a high-level client in the global advertising world and form new partnerships with well-respected international HR organizations.

Editorial Content Management

HR Dive

As the Editor for the HR Dive Recruitment and Learning channels, Tess has created well over 400 feature and brief articles that highlight these very critical areas of human resources. Readership has increased to nearly 80,000 per month from 4,000 in June of 2016. Articles have been syndicated, referenced and picked up by major news networks throughout the world.