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Online Safety Training: Tess C. Taylor quoted in SHRM's January 2013 HR Magazine

The trend towards online safety training in the workplace is on the rise, according to a recent article published in the January 2013 edition of the Society for Human Resources Management HR Magazine.

The article Putting Safety Training Online, by Dave Zielinski, sheds light on a new way of providing job relevant safety training using an online model.


There are several reasons for using online safety training, that most businesses can get behind:

  • It’s a lot more cost effective to deliver safety training concepts to large numbers of employees by using web based systems vs. traditional onsite training.
  • Training modules can be catered to individual employee audiences according to comprehension level and professional status.
  • Online learning provides a chance for employees to learn on the go at their own pace to be more successful.
  • Reviewing safety topics online is a non-threatening way to educate and provide future reference for difficult information.

Additionally, Tess C. Taylor, PHR and managing editor of The HR Writer, had the opportunity to contribute to this article by pointing out a few unique benefits of online safety training:

More companies are turning to blended, flexible or mobile versions of safety training. That’s partly because more employees are working remotely or in flex arrangements, but also because it can be more cost-effective from a delivery standpoint to conduct training that way.

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Tess Taylor

Tess Taylor is the Founder and CEO of HR Knows

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