Finding a human resource job, may be your goal for this year, after spending months studying to obtain your education. But, it can seem like searching for a needle in a haystack because HR assignments are in demand everywhere.

However, If you have the strong desire to want to help companies to manage their human capital, this may be the career path for you to take. Those who work in this field are also the type that enjoys helping others. Finding a job in this field can seem like a challenge, but knowing a few tips can help you to be successful.

Have the Education First

The first task to take on is getting the education and training you need. The field is challenging due to the many laws you need to know and the procedures you’ll have to follow. You can find programs at most colleges or universities. Most require a four-year degree with an emphasis on human resource management. Some jobs will accept a two-year degree instead.

Finding Openings

Once you have education, the next step is to build up experience in the field. If you are working in a company with an HR department, that’s the place to start. Otherwise, look for entry-level administrative positions that are related to HR work. In these positions, you’ll have the ability to handle paperwork or benefits information for employees, interview and maintain retention programs.

Get an HR Mentor

Another route to take to find an HR job is to find a mentor who can help you to get into the field. The Society for Human Resource Management may be a good place to start. Look for local organizations, too. Get to know people and find out about job openings through these sources, long before they are posted on job boards.

Consider Staffing Positions

One way to get into this field is to take on an entry-level job in a staffing agency. For example, working with an employment service can help you to get your feet wet. You will learn the skills you need here for higher positions down the road. The US Department of Labor states that in 2010, those working in this field earned between $38,000 and $63,000 annually.

Focus Your Career on Payroll and Benefits Administration

This area is very much in demand right now. The job entails handling of benefits, processing paychecks and managing similar duties. Then, you can work up to higher paying and more advanced human resource management jobs later on.

Feel free to share your tips and experience with landing your first job in human resources, by leaving your comments here!

Tess Taylor

Tess Taylor is the Founder and CEO of HR Knows

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