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HR Corporate Leader Blogs – Best Practices

Are you a corporate leader who is considering HR blogging? This is a fantastic way to share information with people at all levels of an organization. When using blogs for this reason, it is important to ensure you are using best practices. It can make a big difference in the overall communication.

Keeping the lines of communication open is important, when done properly using social media. Employees appreciate this type of communication. It helps to put a face on the corporate management, thus creating a more enjoyable work experience. However, for it to work well, you need to keep a few things in mind in terms of how you use this tool.

Using Corporate Leader Blogs Properly

Do you think it matters what you put into those blogs? If not, you may be missing key opportunities. Consider the following HR corporate leader blogs best practices.

• Inspire others with information provided. Do not just make the information general corporate and boring. Make it something that is going directly to affect your employees in some way. Share quotes or elaborate on objectives, goals or other projects underway.

• Be responsible with your communications. Do not get carried away with the information you share in this public place. Do not state anything you would not tell the public. Once it is published online, it becomes public information.

• Do allow true emotions to come through. Corporate blogs can allow you to communicate with your employees or others on a very direct level. If you are a corporate leader tucked away in a corner office somewhere, it can be hard for employees to relate to you. Use a blog to communicate real emotions and concerns to those who are reading the blog.

• Engage and encourage readers to comment and be active. You can use this blog as a tool to encourage employees to take action. It is a good idea to invite your readers to leave comments. Ask the reader to share thoughts by leaving a comment at the end. This allows you to rely on the creative minds within your organization. Tap into this resource.

• Hire a professional  HR blog writer. As a leader, you may be struggling with finding time or resources to write meaningful blog posts. Instead of getting frustrated, take the time to contract with a qualified blog writer to draft up an editorial calendar and timely blog articles for you on a regular basis. Be sure to keep this person in the loop about company developments.

When used properly, corporate HR blogs can provide an excellent opportunity to improve a reader’s ability to understand what is happening in upper management. However, you should take steps to minimize any private or negative information. Corporate blogs work very well as a tool to creating a personal connection between the employee and the upper management levels. Used wisely, it could become a benefit to employees.

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