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Corporate Wellness Ideas for the Workplace

As we head into the late autumn and winter months, more human resource managers are preparing for not only the usual cold and flu season, but also the annual employee benefits open enrollment (OE) period. This is an opportune time to create more awareness around employee wellness both in and out of the workplace. Fortunately, […]

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HR and Content Writers: The Perfect Partnership

It’s been said that the human resource department is the ‘face’ of the organization. Many times, HR pros are the only representatives of a company when other leaders are unwilling or unable to put themselves into public relationship positions.This is an opportunity for human resource pros to partner themselves with content writers who can skillfully […]

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The Center of it All is Human Resources

In a recent conversation with a colleague of mine, the subject came up about the ever-increasing pressures that human resource practitioners face daily. One would think with all the technology and resources that are available today that this wouldn’t be the case. I mean there are so many new tools at the average HR pros […]

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