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HR Payroll Alert! State Minimum Wage Updates

As 2014 rolls around and the New Year bells toll, there are some important HR and payroll updates you need to know about. Fourteen states around the US are increasing their minimum wage rates in order to help workers keep up with the costs of living. Some of these states have been hit hard by […]

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Are Your Employees Exempt, and Do You Know the Difference?

As an employer, you are responsible for ensuring your compliance with all federal and state regulations.  Accurate employee records are crucial and it is important that you know how to classify employees that work for your business. There is a distinct difference between exempt and non-exempt employees.  Knowing the difference and properly classifying them will […]

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Tips for Communicating Wage Garnishments to Employees

When an employee is notified of a wage garnishment, their first response is often shame and avoidance. Garnishments can come from many sources, from child support and judgments to long overdue debts from college loans. For many employees, these are things that have simply piled up over time due to negative life circumstances or poor […]

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