HR Management

HR Tips – Developing a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan

At any time, a disaster can occur that can take a company down in a matter of hours. From natural disasters to full-scale information security breaches, any organization can fall prey at any time. Consider the great loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs, thousands of formerly booming businesses, and a severe impact on the […]

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Retaining Top Talent with Flexible Work Options

When an employee leaves your organization, this can take a large bite out of your staffing budget…and your bottom line profitability. While some industries typically suffer a larger percentage of employee turnover, there are ways of reducing this by taking into account what motivates employees to stay on board in the first place. Why Flexible […]

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Social Media and HR Information Management

The topic of secure information management in an ever-increasing social networking world is a concern of many HR professionals. With news about recruiters and HR managers monitoring the activities of their staff, the US government has been busy creating legislation designed to address this issue. In a recent post, Tess talks more in-depth about the […]

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